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The project main beneficiary are deaf and hard of hearing learners of foreign languages who are provided with tools based on common European standards. As the Deaf Port helps direct the process of acquisition of language competence and to introduce a basis for assessment of their language skills, it is also an useful tool, that helps language teachers:

to understand better the needs of deaf and hard of hearing learners

to monitor teaching process

to assess the effectiveness of the pedagogical strategy

to assess language proficiency of the deaf and hard of hearing, applying for a training course or job, or taking part in an international event

to use descriptors relevant for this specific group of learners in order to design courses and tests for definite levels of deaf and hard of hearing learners


The Deaf Port materials

provide a basis for developers of curricula and assessment materials

provide a tool to educational establishments and employers

assist policy and decision makers in the field of education with special focus on learners with special needs

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